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 and boy they sure did it !

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one mighty big family...

About 15 years ago, maybe a little longer, my family started doing the oddest things. They kept dumping old family relics and treasures at my house for safekeeping, and I found myself appointed the official family archivist. Being fixated with things old and the stories that go with them, the passion to find our roots began. That and the rumour that we were Rob Roy McGregor descendents which piqued my interest, oh and that some benevolent old auntie had left me a fortune. All proved untrue although I still search regularly for evidence of the inheritance!
Kudos to my extended family for breeding like rabbits, a trend that TV and modern living hasn't thwarted one bit. We are prolific. I absolutely guarantee you that if you think you might be related to our lot you probably are. There are too many of us for you not to be.
Browse at your leisure, have fun. If you are a family member of any branch or suspect you might be, or have something to add or fix or change, please register and help build a true account of this incredibly large family.  I especially like anecdotes, documents, photographs, funny stories and facts about our family and will include them all, corroborated or not.
Love Philippa



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